Asp.Net Core -

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Introduction ( What is MVC Pattern, What is Core Framework

What is difference between classic MVC and Core MVC )

Infrastructure ( Program.cs, Startup.cs )

Creating Project ( Routing, Default Routing, Controller, View

Dynamic Content,Model, Form, Tag Helpers, Static Files, Validation )

Fundamentals ( Action Result, Action Parameters

Passing Data to Views, Passing Data to Controllers, Razor , View Components


Partial Views, Layouts, Sections ) Building Forms ( Model Binding, Posting Form Data, Search Form Best Practices )

Entity Framework Core ( What is ORM, DbContext and DbSet, Migrations Connection String, Reading Data, Creating Data, Updating Data, Deleting Data )

Validation ( Validation Attributes, Custom Validation Attributes ModelState Validations, Server Side Validations, Client Side Validations )

Identity ( Setting up Identity Core, What is User, Role and Group Create, Update, Delete User, Create, Updadte, Delete Role, Create, Update, Delete Group Authentication, Authorization )

.Net Core Fundamentals ( Kestrel Server, Dependency Injection Middlewares, Custom Middlewares )