Asp.Net MVC ile Web Programlama -

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Introduction to Web Application ( What is Web Application?, HTTP, IIS, IIS Integration )

Introduction to MVC ( What is MVC Pattern?, Hello World Application Understanding Asp.Net MVC )

Routing ( Default Route, Custom Route, Route Parameters Route / Controller Matching, Outbound Route Matching , Route Constraint )

Controller ( Controller, Action, IActionResult interface ActionResult Rendering (Json, String), Action Filters, Base Controller )

View ( What is View?, Standart View, Layout, Partial View Render Partial, Render Action (Component), Section, Razor Syntax )

Model ( What is Model Binding?, Entity Framework and Model Binding Model Validation with Attributes, ModelState, Exception Handling and AddModelError )

Identity ( Session, Authentication, Authorization Role Management, User Management )

Advanced MVC ( Captcha Integration, Localization Security, Exception Handling, Cache Management, Ajax )